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    February 27, 2014
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the that usually from june give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to break free. doesn't the words acts on the statue of liberty. there are written by an american jurist pilot and a lazarus. it's fitting that the american jewish immigrant would demoralize the ideals of freedom an opportunity that america offered to so many who arrived at its tellers at the turn of the twentieth century nearly two million eastern european the rhine tierra their story transform into a slide and america join me for a special series
that will start here in new york. from wall street to broadway for madison avenue to the museum mile season helped build this city that never sleeps. as mayor michael bloomberg who ran york city for twelve years he left the nine eleven memorial and added a new skyscraper to the skyline. as woody allen in jerry seinfeld i've only done this stamp from the big apple. and you think about broadway without the rights like neon sign in the musical geniuses like her finger land. in the finance team is built the guggenheim museum. bloggers and media giant and stay alive until this one. finch is of course helped at the moment and that too. incense in june's designers and uncle local began here till like ralph lauren and diane von first emperor. i mean chewing an extraordinary degree of affluence and influence in this country and that he has been terrific place for . i
think of when to lay down too can you see savannah cream here jewish integration in the united states to jewish integration elsewhere on and if we re not jewish integration the united states to the experiences of other groups. giuseppe easy time in the united states. that particular since first arrived in what would become eeyore in sixteen fifty four these are not peculiar to live under portuguese rule he had some in personal and family memories memories of the eight day inquisition. at book passage with the french john craig ipswich on drops them. basically in the next dutch colony which was to amsterdam. astrologers comedian colonial times when legal protection after the american revolution. but the writing of the constitution and bill of rights. there's nothing in the federal system and into the constitution in which they are any different then again any other white men in society which the main thing
that divides people as color and there why. and to allow women to gender there been a founding father separated church and state with a great reference for religion protected the rights to use in all other religious minorities to worship freely the are able to take advantage of all the opportunities economic social political cultural on that band together into what people. the turning point came between eighteen eighty in nineteen twenty three an estimated two million european jewish immigrants looking for work in freedom landed on american shores new york's ty's first settled in the cramped and houses of the lower east side along with other immigrants they can be whatever he wanted to and they could be as they wanted and they could the americans as they wanted in an oven baked it and today it may have gone if anybody is of any consequence in uniting not really american. u s immigrants jumped into every facet of
american life. there was discrimination in the private sector that it never had a lasting impact. i miss the way. lights on. dr request congress says she will always be grateful for the opportunities america gave her became the famous thinks that this than six hundred. i'm still talking about . born in germany nineteen twenty. dr it survived the holocaust been hiding in an orphanage in switzerland. after living in is around studied psychology in paris she came to york in the nineteen fifties. it's no question that the opportunities he has for me. despite the fact. i have no money then i came i made one done and i went home. you can hear my accent. dr ray got her first parade talking frankly about on their atm scott totally flipping me
off because his newest cd the acceptance email groups and people from different towns different homed and different. just take out the accents. by the nineteen eighties dr it was a cultural icon appearing on tv writing most recently she's been the subject of a non probably snow. in eight years to life in your kids driving period two million live in the city and suburbs. that's one third of america's jewish population now estimated that six million. the latest pew research center study on american the jewish pride is running high. ninety four percent of respondents said they are proud of their heritage. there is orthodox conservative reform. she now sits on a can of apple juice orange juice salt inside it's it's it doesn't end here it's unbelievable. that diversity can lend itself to a lot of creativity and buy prints. the last ipcc represents the diversity of the community. the eight storey building with
the tampa theater and two pools offers a range of activities free onion old religious and secular. twenty five hundred people walk into this building every day. if anything they're coming to swim and were trying to account for nursery school or work out the camera take a class but with the frying use the connection to possibly something inside themselves certainly miss somebody around them. and hopefully teach your spine the media and a lot. israel is one of the lives of jewish identity in america the study found over sixty percent of say they have an attachment to the jewish state. or the intelligence thirty thousand young across america. taking a free ten day tour to sell things to perth for a program for speed and i planted this might cause thine heart and tom rothman. twenty five year old new yorker sell the bottom seam was one of them. she sat
three deep in her sense of jewish identity. especially when she grappled with the many lives lost in the holocaust. you never know what could be banned in all of these amazing teachers parents. i think. i just ate and that just about that goldeneye. i think i have to carry what you see the latest study found that seventy three percent of american across all age groups said remembering the holocaust is an essential part of beam ceilings. it certainly when the weather you are. a teenager thinking about why the juices and bring to you it's still something to grapple with an estimated two hundred thousand holocaust survivors came to america after the second world war. listen to the museum of jewish heritage in battery park there are stories with americans. not only to steal a christian and that their identities of the jewish museum in earmarks of doll exhibit entitled love foreign looks at the artists' work in paris from the rise of
fascism to nineteen forty eight. in the late nineteen thirties. he begins to feel that is his world is collapsing. and the work becomes darker and more destructive than away there's an ominous sensibility about it. under the nazis took the flight paris in nineteen forty one finding refuge in your the holocaust. a lot of that occurred when he was in new york and feeling very frustrated that there was nothing he could do specifically are directly but the effects and his response is definitely in his works of art. and we see his the violence and destruction in the works. very directly a spot of doctor who. oh boy the silver screen as though it's been a favorite outfit for jewish identification
yet military some of the straw hat house keen to see the document read. when were funny. what's it like to extend the comics dominated the american comedy scene in the nineteen fifties and sixties but he did this because when you get beaten down so much a can of this the only thing you can do is just laugh about it. find the orange and so we've become experts at finding humor in everything. don't laugh at least you are isn't a forty two percent of american say is essential to their jewish identity. again according to the latest pew study. i think my skewer comes out and ideas. like that's what i draw. for many many essential to their judaism. move over decrease in delhi is the prime grilling midtown to the beach club is seeking kosher nineteen to new heights. his mouth watering creations as artistic as they are delicious. what is specialties is this winter to ditch the two lucky. kaylin cranberry sauce. my best of
them is when someone walks in off the street mr is no evidence the four course meal this reprieve. the robot in the coffin. the waiter says and so i would go out there in essence what you mean it's a rollercoaster when the coach. the great male known to me that i did my job what nazis in your city is the fastest selling segment of the community. one group that bought the set them are headquartered in crown heights brooklyn. led by their late spiritual leader of the topics are ready to buy it now has more than seventy thousand centers around the globe. he inspired people and educate people about some of the dramas and citizens are doing all over the world every single day and they are reaching millions of . despite the vitality of jewish life in new york. the challenges of this emirates and in your marriage still hover over the community. the recent pew study found that more than thirty percent user and silliness. your marriage
rates are eight fifty eight percent for the youngest she is getting married. those after two thousand and seventy percent married a non jewish partner. you can't get over feeling you can give over sentiment. you know our grandparents had a jewish feeling. the bagels and lox judaism is not transferable with this transfer of rabbi lau says is observing jewish tradition. he started manhattan jewish experience in two thousand three hundred trade is the class and beginners religious services and social events. there were a shorty important words. in the area of jewish survival education education education. rabbinic visit the home of vermont's manhattan's first modern orthodox day school built in nineteen eighty seven by his father. if there is to be in a insert a tube stuck the first answer is to get as many children as possible
in two days school. from kindergarten to high school study of vermont. it is one of over two hundred and fifty jewish day schools and city that separates which include non nominees alliance up only at cc that's the place moving but can the man many call america's rabbi. in due to apathy from another angle the model has to change is the blessing comes the jewish community we take our values are with them and bring it to the mainstream while the mainstream society the meeting is at the rabbi first the headlines that is a kosher . many folks have followed assistant on tv with this show. shalom in the home some of america's most famous coach a lifetime to become as close friends including oprah madonna and michael jackson. american rabbi but can't says as having a crisis of values italy's jewish wisdom can help heal america. greek ninety inches to the un to
use. that and not by boat and founded this moral values network. the provincial organization is to use universal jewish values to change the conversation. to talk about them it is really more wholesome. unlike the firm new york city still remains how the american jewish life. many say it's only second to jerusalem however in the upcoming series as he led the vet's transform los angeles and other building of vital new community that's building in miami. with that skyline of new york city behind me and chardonnay miller reporting first and one the i knew the routine use of june more
the row. the us. one day. it is. within. zion . jim johnson and kill him. who has
said iran speaking to her crime is no just a threat to israel but to europe as well all speaking as a joint news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu interest when casey came to iran stylistic miso program is closely connected to sneak in a capability to live in the coastal shores of daunting to romp to the pits my sensitivity to their projects and which netanyahu police could lead to ways that mikayla armament he labelled the mainstream due in november as a historic mistake a subterranean current motor system sunroof jaime was like a wolf in sheep's clothing. the gem and johnson will also expressed great concern said israel's continuing west bank system and building program. however she agreed with the snow into supporting a boycott of israeli products in protest would any hint of the piece princess michael insisted tough decisions which have been made in any two state solution deal and the place parties' it might just have to agree to disagree. but now
was so pissed and upset the delicate while much concessions from all sides painful compromises and then heated to abstain from one side of the users such as the place clean and fed to the landfill on sudden declaration of independence just like in the settlement holy see which ones who can clinch and then we needed to leave for future uplifting and state efforts to stop this and papa stayed up late on tuesday often in israeli prisons shimon peres awarded israel's highest civilian award to monaco for her work in fighting anti semitism holocaust denial of the country's continued its allegiance with israel gemini is israel's stuart ally in europe and plays countries held a new joint cabinet stations in order to maintain diplomatic ties and discuss a range of cooperation deals including in areas of defence and foreign relations development aid to try to research and sculpture an agreement to allow it to him because he has to represent israeli citizens in countries without israeli diplomatic
representation was also to scottsdale and government officials also applies to propose legislation sent to settle a long standing dispute regarding pensions will survive as a wedding guests to use. next year will mark the fiftieth anniversary as jem an israeli diplomatic relations which were established in nineteen sixty five. eye. long ukraine special riot police units in the midst of their kitchen has been disbanded. the force is widely believed to have been involved in the bloody trip to monte its pyramid of protesters left dozens dead the interim government is taking steps to break the four thousand man force using the brutality and murder. for most of footage from last week's massacre is the clearest piece of evidence of the suspected atrocities when government security forces attempted to storm the special purchase canned some anti government
protesters fought back security forces went on to open fire on them using ak forty seven says sniper rifles purchaser seen in the video are seen with nothing more than shields and sticks. despite the footage pressured into an industrialized nations in south eastern ukraine and interested and cute as hers on their return from the capital fell to the west a movie ticket office is filled to their knees begging for forgiveness. ukraine appears polar outs with russia doing all it can to maintain its grip and officials to the west twenty min in pledging their support ukrainians are stuck the middle to senior rapidly declining economy in desperate need of financial aid. i add. we are. the story from now on the link chain based in syria. growing list of states that mediation by
religious goal is to entertain collecting elements with me this trip and there was a cool night and the islamic state. we have a nation should fail to fix that while in the mood to do the moves on to them and painting on the court proceedings to be in the range we stop all military operations between the us must cancel all the fat to use the jihadi groups being infidels and present all proves to be considered a window in a moment in history the more common in heavy clashes between the two jihadi groups in rebel held areas have wronged him owing to what the islamist militant campaign against forces loyal to syrian president bashar al assad to the needy three year long conflict has resulted in the displacement of millions from their homes and the killing of over twenty thousand people. the chips and taught me to treat the us government unexpectedly
resigned on monday a move which opens the pasta army chief fatah lcc to declare his intention to run for president in the spring the resignation was announced by prime minister has them now but throughout weeks came as his government continued to deal with the worsening economy sector strikes at the islamist insurgency with the body and to reshuffle was expected some officials have speculated the cabinet step down on mass because cc to don't want to kate's be resigning on designing the sixty working with the devices on preparing his presidential picks. the two l ways government was sworn in weeks off to teach its first democratically elected president the whittlesea was ousted from power last july since then hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters have been killed or jailed in a crackdown by the interim government which led the hawks the terror organization. critics of cctv for lexi in the korean infantry officer would be like turning the clock back to the iraq war to crack
posting about depreciation us trained cc can this be the jets' defense ministers since august two thousand and twelve has already secured the support of the country's top when the tea party. many egyptians ccc has a strong leader needed to become instability. despite the fact he actually has the so called bus experience across much of the country has just been posted on walls and so was a rusted out praising his credentials. recently he made the highly publicized visit to russia in which he negotiated a lucrative arms deal. i managed to secure the blessing of russian as the mother to pretend. the i hope in sixteen oh one people at a boarding school in all the snow a teary up in shops and bent it back into stoppage time like islamists minutes and read all around during the pre dawn attack of the federal government college of fundy of
the twenty four off the school's buildings including stockport as on fire by mr taught respect for windies will post a shot that one of the dead but tonight's police or young men the insurgents use my it'll come around translates as western education is for good in the pits have adopted the tactic of maximum civilian casualties. read on itself like i need to portend a fun team to establish an islamic site in all the knowledge area that sort of kind thousands of lights under a full on coffee a period some three hundred this month alone a federal judge ruled last week to the new york police department are not breaking any laws when the cherry of controversial surveillance targeting muslims and the bad credit as roundup the muslim american community the muslims had brought a civil case against the nypd in two thousand while alleging its surveillance programs were unconstitutional and discriminatory because they focused on race and religion
according to the center for constitutional rights ruling by judge william martini has confirmed what many muslims in the us the year and vowed to appeal the decision. i think our clients and many more americans fear after nine eleven that they don't have recourse to send cars performance and protections of americans do. this decision at that confirms their worst fears. one pizzeria owner in new york city who happens to be a muslim said his customers get harassed by undercover police officers. i thought seen them before because it doesn't ford will cause unpleasant from those of my friends they come to visit me in the pizzeria that opening with a chance i get somebody on tv. the tupelo where outside. well the problem mumbai police plan to go he's willing to judge might erode and it was legal because the police could not have monetary new jersey for muslim activities without monitoring the muslim community itself and the nypd is the intention was not to discriminate against muslims
the mm. living and adjusted its like going to school for co starred with the sono cup tornado inside of rights and create control screen english premier league sides west ham what's wrong is set to type lights and a bit sweet. this troika that will contest the charge by celebrates was but the peeps if i'm consulting with no fights a minimum thought much about the football star's judging them under increasing pressure often leading to twist off the grid so that i have been totally silent on the issue and i have not been sufficiently staunton has been criticizing an open up i know cause code on the football was scheduled to drop it on to text him and his quintet will go a celebration and insists he is neither anti semitic albright says. it's controversial french comic stayed on my ma ma ma ma ma ma and on the holocaust and all and a friend of the male cop is
responsible for inventing a popular on seeing the students at it this month did on my part to visit the site to stop its support for an hour. how about the impact was able to find him from end to the country on grounds of psyche. a number of senior officials of chris's aunt did on many of these textures including french president francois a lot of friends into me in the midst of my mule files with my people to come in a mock up of heights. did i might have repeatedly been trawling confronts a speech said throughout this country's local pub or two times doesn't get this yet he thinks and counseling and nine to one school while world leaders has kicked off this week in spain with an expanded range of smart phone connected devices. french for cities and sciences has revealed its new sports and
some fabric to monitor the health and fatigue of the wear lycra sensors fitted in the fabric to measure heart rate body heat in restoration levels. sydney live information to a smartphone. procter and gamble has developed the world's first smart phone connected toothbrush a device that gives personalized coaching advice becomes equipped with bluetooth which relays real time for some progress today to a smartphone that it gives the user device that is when to move to a different part of the mouth and more needed that much to heart. for snooty and car has a voice activated system that will be a standard feature in force upcoming models. it has the ability to respond to a variety of cats to give drivers directions and restaurant reviews on the fly connected cars are growing in popularity in the us due to the government's consideration of making machine to machine connectivity mandatory in new models. zai eye. an
australian cocoa farm and has been struggling to sell the season goes off to the saudi december's still can fondle the state of western australia for a year ago to the eco could also be on the market off the morning in the area richie's tourism the golden rules with this former sen dole new time limit for women to possible river for victory. the other new moms douglas is now consistent across the tiles individually. this whole war from the issuing of permits is supposedly going to be developed into six for shipping area and for chalet and is more valuable and effective owen with some of the biggest copper bowls and bowls of june. some loyalists for those of a hit in custody. salinger it when i wanna say im destroyed it because the swim. federer lost to the crocodile farm is
located near the border with neighboring northern iraq tree which is famous for scrapping else can try it however douglas hunter says is not the end to his cocoa congregation. rule. i am. do will he. to me. gold. or. it all. will. y'all. the issue
chen should turn into modern destruct intelligence. this was stated by the president of salt not survive the security council meeting in auckland on the president received the heads of both houses of parliament the prime minister the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this